Would you like to show off your ‘imperfections’ in order to help redefining beauty?

I’m looking for participants in Barcelona area for an upcoming project. Project Perfect focuses on women with so called “imperfections”, which I’d rather call diversity. The idea behind the project is to redefine beauty and question what we associate with it. What does perfect mean and why are we chasing it? I’m hoping to raise awareness about the image the media shows of women and how it affects our society and its individuals. Whether you have an imperfection that you always try to hide or one that you show off proudly, if you would like to participate, I would like to hear from you. We will be creating simple natural portraits that highlight your imperfection/ diversity. We’ll shoot outdoor with natural light. You can follow the outcome and the progress of this project here.
The photos will be showcased on my website and social media and may become part of future exhibitions or published in magazines. Therefore you will be requested to sign a model release. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to sign a model release with you.
I was inspired to start this project during a photo session, capturing a model’s natural white hair – you can check it out here.
Click here to check out the moodboard.

If interested, fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you, just make sure to spell your e-mail adress correctly so that I can get back to you. Alternatively e-mail me directly at